The Fastest Way to Make Holes in Extruded or Shaped Parts

        If youre currently using a drill or mill for making holes in shaped parts and frustrated with the time it takes, youre missing out.

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        • Faster Production Speed
          More holes in more parts per hour. If youre finishing 400 parts in a day now, imagine 2,400 instead.
        • Faster Into Production
          We can provide most UniPunch tooling within days, so theres no need for you to wait months.
        • Faster Setup Time
          Faster changeover from part to part.

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        Find out how J&S Repair went from 60 parts in hour to 10 parts a minute.

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        The Fastest Way to Make Holes in Extruded or Shaped Parts

        If youre using a drill or mill for making holes in extruded or shaped parts, youre missing out on a solution that can drastically improve your parts per hour.

        Is Your Production Bottlenecked? We Can Help Solve That Problem

        When manufacturers lasers, mills, drills and other equipment cant keep up with internal demand, they have bottlenecks. See how weve relieved bottlenecks for countless customers.

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        Why UniPunch?
        7 Reasons You Should Be Using UniPunch

        What UniPunch offers is speed other technologies cant match. Here are seven ways we outpace the other guys when it comes to punching holes in extruded or shaped parts.

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        When I came in, they didnt know about Unipunch. It used to take them three weeks to complete 300 locks…now were making 600 in one week just because I knew about the UniPunch system and was able to teach them how to use it and pick up our production.
        Lock Set and Door Hardware Manufacturer
        The operators like working with the tooling. Once its set up and you have your template made, its a breeze…just a snap.
        Dave, Engineering Manager, The Metalworking Group
        Without costing an arm and a leg, there is just no other way to do it. The labor would be outrageous.
        Tim, Tooling Designer, Cooper B-Line

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        UniPunch now offers in-house hole punching services. Free up your operators and your shop floor. Let us do the work for you! Get a quote today.

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        Tell us about your project, and well recommend the right UniPunch solution for your needs.

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